Six Steps To Help You Discover The Power Of Breathing

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Anna

The very first thing you can begin to do throughout your day to aid your belly is to begin to learn how to talk to yourself more effectively and how to focus on your breathing. Here's how:

Place your hand on your heart.

Breathe in and out. Full, deep inhalation.

Expand the belly, breathing into your lower back and sides. Then make a full, long exhalation, with a complete emptying of the lungs.

Become aware of the expression on your face. Are your lips tight and severe? What about that space in between your eyebrows? Use your mind. Imagine your face softening.

What is happening in your shoulders? In your neck? Take it down your body. Take stock of what is happening down to your toes.

As you get in touch with each part of your body, from your scalp to your feet, ask if you can release a little bit more.

Relaxing can be whatever you like—make it up based on what feels right to you. But use it.
Go to it.

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