Workouts that work for you

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ISBN 9780857834461
Format Paperback
Published 8th May 2018
Size 235 x 192 x 13
Pages 176


We all want to feel fit, healthy and strong, but with today's fast-paced lifestyles it can be hard to find the time or motivation to exercise. What if there was a way to find the fitness that's right for you - workouts that will fit into the time and space you have available?Holly Davidson is a top personal trainer who works according to the fundamental belief that fitness is within each one of us, and we can find it wherever we are. She has used her years of experience to devise an exercise programme that is varied, flexible and fun. She is used to working with clients who have jam-packed schedules, so she has dozens of clever tips that will help fit your workout into your regular routine. This book will guide you to maximise the experience of training anywhere, and to use these tools and techniques to craft a regime that is not boring, repetitive, monotonous, but instead varied and diverse.Holly's sustainable, holistic approach is based on balance and setting realistic and achievable goals. It's not about crash dieting or scrambling to get a bikini body - it's about integrating fitness into your lifestyle and making workouts work for you.With her encouraging tone and easy-to-follow exercise routines, Holly is with you every step of the way. Feel happy. Feel healthy. Feel strong. And get active!

Author Information

Holly Davidson has been a personal trainer for the past 10 years. Prior to this she was an actress, appearing in TV shows including The Bill and Casualty. Her previous book, Nourish, co-authored with Sadie Frost and Amber Rose, was also published by Kyle Books. Instagram and Twitter: @hollyactive

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