Eat Mexico

Recipes from Mexico City's streets, markets & fondas

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ISBN 9780857833877
Format Paperback
Published 02 Feb 2017
Size 240 x 210 MM
Pages 192


Eat Mexico is a love letter to the intricate cuisine of Mexico City, written by a young journalist who lived and ate there for four years. It showcases food from the city's streets: the football-shaped, bean-stuffed corn tlacoyo, topped with cactus and salsa; the tortas bulging with turkey confit and a peppery herb called papalo; the beer-braised rabbit, slow-cooked until tender. The book ends on a personal note, with a chapter highlighting the creative, Mexican-inspired dishes such as roasted poblano oatmeal that Lesley cooks at home in New York with ingredients she discovered in Mexico. Ambitious cooks and armchair travellers alike will enjoy Lesley's Eat Mexico.

Author Information

Lesley Tellez grew up in a Mexican-American home in California and moved to Mexico in 2009. Before long, she knew the city's network of street vendors, trained at one of Mexico's premier heritage cookery schools, and started her blog, The Mija Chronicles, which was selected by Saveur magazine as one of the top culinary travel blogs in the US:

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