Pilates for Life: How to improve strength, flexibility and health over 40

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Price 18.99
ISBN 9780857832184
Format Paperback
Published 15th May 2014
Size 249 x 211 x 16
Pages 224


Pilates for Life is the ideal guide to Pilates for anyone over 40. In addition to providing clear information and step-by-step instructions for a specially tailored workout, there are also sections on how specially developed exercises can help with a number of conditions. From gentle exercises suitable for recovering from a hip replacement to coping strategies for the symptoms of Parkinson's, this is in depth and carefully researched guide is essential reading. Written by two Pilates experts with a wealth of experience and in consultation with a chartered Physiotherapist, the exercises and tips in Pilates for Life can help to prevent or reduce the development of some issues and conditions associated with ageing. This book is full of inspiring guidance for anyone wanting to explore the benefits of Pilates.

Author Information

Lynne Robinson is the founder of Body Control Pilates, which is taught internationally. She has produced several successful books - including Pilates for Weight Loss and Pilates for Pregnancy - and DVDs. Carmela Trappa is a fully qualified Body Control Pilates instructor. Dr Jenny Hawke is a chartered physiotherapist and Pilates teacher.

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