Pilates for Pregnancy

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Price 15.99
ISBN 9780857830524
Format Paperback
Published 9th December 2011
Size 249 x 213 x 16
Pages 224


Pilates for Pregnancy offers over 60 gentle exercises divided into two main sections: Early Pregnancy (0 to 16 weeks) and Later Pregnancy (16 weeks to birth). In addition, Lynne offers exercises for pre- and post-pregnancy. The book covers all the current health guidelines: for instance, did you know that exercising supine during pregnancy increases your chances of developing supine hypotensive syndrome? The book is especially unique for its inclusion of a Q&A with a midwife on preparing for labour and the birth itself, a series of postnatal exercises that you can do with your baby, plus a groundbreaking new exercise programme for correcting diastasis recti (abdominal separation that occurs shortly after childbirth). With Pilates for Pregnancy you will be well on your way to attaining an enjoyable and enriching pregnancy.

Author Information

Lynne Robinson is the founder of Body Control Pilates, which is taught internationally. She has produced several successful books, among them Pilates for Weight Loss and The Pilates Bible, plus DVDs. Lynne was also a member of the Working Group that developed the content of the national standard for Pilates mat work in the UK.

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