Pilates for Weight Loss

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Price 12.99
ISBN 9780857830135
Format Paperback
Published 14th April 2011
Size 190 x 233 x 11
Pages 160


A 2006 study stated that 'Fat loss comes from burning sufficient number of calories. While cardio exercise tends to be an efficient calorie burner, Pilates appears to possess the potential to burn enough calories if done regularly, over the long haul and properly.' (Medicine and Science). Pilates for Weight Loss is a pioneering regime that will put you back in control of your weight. Pilates will change your shape and help you to achieve a long, lean silhouette, while also controlling your weight. This is the first book to create a programme to emphasise these benefits. Burn calories, flatten your stomach and gain a more defined waist. This title helps improve your posture; learn better breathing techniques; gain greater flexibility and core stability; and control stress and boost energy levels.

Author Information

Lynne Robinson is one of the most well-known and respected figures working in the Pilates and wellbeing sectors today. She co-founded the Body Control Pilates group (www.bodycontrol.co.uk), which has trained more than 1,300 teachers internationally. Lynne's Pilates books and DVDs are sold throughout the world, supported by her regular media appearances and international teaching schedule. She now works with the Chelsea Football club, teaching players in the first-team squad.

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