Sunday Roast

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ISBN 9781856269575
Format Paperback
Published 4th November 2010
Size 255 x 225 mm
Pages 192


Sunday lunch is synonymous with relaxing and eating with friends and family, and this book ensures that the cook has an enjoyable time too.
Clarissa Dickson Wright gives you classic and imaginative ways to cook all types of meat, poultry and game (and there's a chapter on fish too). You'll find all the classic roasts here alongside inspiring new recipes to broaden your repertoire such as Brazilian Roast Suckling Pig or Mexican Brisket. She also includes all-important sauces, ideas for accompanying vegetable dishes and an invaluable chapter on how to use up your leftovers.
Johnny Scott provides essential information on carving so that a beautiful roast isn't turned into a hacked-up travesty.
Basic Stuffed Roast Chicken, Beef Wellington and Pheasant with Figs are just a few of the tasty dishes that will have you cooking up a storm every Sunday.

Author Information

Clarissa Dickson Wright, formerly of 'Two Fat Ladies' fame, has seven cookery books and one Food Anthology to her name. Johnny Scott has written for many newspapers and magazines as a farmer, a naturalist and an historian.

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