The First-Time Gardener

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Price 16.99
ISBN 9780857832542
Format Paperback
Published 16th April 2015
Size 210 x 240 x 18
Pages 208


Although excited by the prospect of moving into their own home for the first time, many people are mystified by the prospect of what to do with their outdoor space. Frances Tophill's fuss-free, practical guide shows you how to create a space outside your own back door that's designed by you, built by you and enjoyed by you. Beginning with advice on getting to know your garden - what type of soil you have, what the drainage and light is like - then on getting to know yourself as a gardener - do you want a vegetable patch, an abundance of flowers or simply an extension of your indoor living space? - and then moving on to the practical design, including hard and soft landscaping and building materials and guidance, Frances guides you through different types of plants and how to source and plant them. There is also a section on aftercare, telling you the best way to keep your garden well cared for and easy to maintain throughout the year.

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Frances Tophill is a horticulturalist and gardener. She is a copresenter on ITV's popular show Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh. She first started gardening at the age of 7 and trained at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh.

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