The Pilates Bible

The Most Comprehensive and Accesible Guide to Pilates Ever

Price 19.99
ISBN 9781856268806
Format Paperback
Published 4th January 2010
Size 255 x 225 mm
Pages 240


Lynne Robinson is the world's bestselling Pilates author and The Pilates Bible is the most authoritative and comprehensive book on Pilates to date presenting the latest research, both medical and practical, and including exercises with brand new modifications that take the reader from beginner level right through to advanced.
Starting with the guiding principles and taking you through a natural progression of routines (including workouts of varying lengths with studio and home equipment to suit every occasion) the book also contains a health section with advice on Pilates for back pain and keen injuries and both antenatal and postnatal exercises.
With all this and more, this one-stop handbook shows why Pilates has gone from cult status to an essential part of our modern lifestyle.

Author Information

Lynne Robinson is the founder of the Body Control Pilates method (, which is taught internationally, and has produced a number of highly successful books, among them Pilates for Life, Pilates for Weight Loss and DVDs.
Lisa Bradshaw is Head of Education and Professional Development for Body Control Pilates.
Nathan Gardner is General Manager of Body Control Pilates in the UK

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