Yoga For Life

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Price 16.99
ISBN 9780857830432
Format Paperback
Published 3rd May 2012
Size 213 x 249 x 17
Pages 224


Yoga for Life is aimed specifically at anyone over 40 looking for a yoga practice suited to mid-life and beyond. Showing why yoga is so important for you as you age - strengthening bones, balancing hormones and even helping with mild depression - Josephine Fairley takes you through the most suitable types of yoga for older bodies and offers specific exercises so you can reap the benefits. As a yoga consumer herself Jo offers practical tips on how to find the right teacher, how to create a calm environment to practice at home, what to wear and even what to eat to complement your yoga. With advice on fitting yoga into your life and reinvigorating your practice if you've lapsed this is an inspirational and practical guide.

Author Information

Josephine Fairley is a contributing editor to the Mail on Sunday YOU Magazine, where she writes on health, beauty and organic living. She writes for a very wide range of publications including Healthy, Red and Waitrose Kitchen. Jo has been practicing yoga on and off since the age of 12 and set up a wellbeing centre, with its own yoga studio, in her hometown of Hastings in 2007. Jo is also a founding partner of Green & Black's Organic Chocolate, co-author of the bestselling Beauty Bible series with Sarah Stacey and author of The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book.

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